9 October, 2015

Oddball – A local hero at the box office (UPDATED)

WTFN’s feature film debut Oddball is a box office hit, taking over $8 million in the Australian market to date. During it’s 4th weekend of release Oddball took $1.5m, ahead of Pixels on $1.46m and Pan on $1.44m.


Roadshow Films reports that the WTFN co-produced Australian family film Oddball has made over $2.1 million at the local box to date.

The movie initially took just under $1 million from Thursday to Sunday. But with school holidays now in full swing and positive word-of-mouth for the movie spreading, Oddball has more than doubled its take in the last two days.

On Tuesday Oddball climbed to the #2 position at the box office (overtaking Everest and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, but behind Pixels) adding an additional $690,757 to its box office haul.

Typically films with a wide-release drop 20 to 50 percent in their second week at the box office, whereas Oddball has managed an impressive 107 percent increase.

The film is based on a true story about an eccentric chicken farmer who, with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town.

Oddball stars Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook, Alan Tudyk, Deborah Mailman and Coco Jack Gillies. It is directed by Stuart McDonald.

View the trailer here.