The most exciting art isn’t hanging on the walls of a museum.

Robb Ortel’s Art Attack is a no-holds-barred travelogue that explores the most dangerous forms of art in the world.

From chainsaw-ripping craftsmen, salacious sand artists, bad-ass belly dancers, sword swallowers, fire eaters and daredevils who risk it all in the name of art, Robb’s pursuit of art appreciation and education knows no limits.

Each episode, air-brush artist Robb seeks out exciting and unique art forms from all around the world. He’ll meet artists from all walks of life, from the renowned to the obscure, and road-test the techniques of their trade. Ultimately he puts his own abilities to the test by trying out these extreme and potentially deadly forms.

We’re giving the sometimes snooty side of art an adrenaline kick and adding a dash of playful schooling for good measure.