Dr Chris Brown lives and works as a vet at one of Australia’s most famous locations – Sydney’s Bondi Beach. But Dr Chris is really just a country boy at heart, growing up with a menagerie of pets.

Bondi Vet is an unscripted observational documentary series set against breathtaking Bondi Beach, chronicling Dr Chris’ daily life as a vet in a busy urban environment, as well as his work at local zoos and in rural communities.




The diversity of the cases Chris treats is amazing; from dogs with cancer to a penguin with a cold. Dr Chris is on call 24 hours a day for emergency calls. In these cases a few minutes can make the difference between life or death.


Bondi is Australia’s version of L.A.’s Venice Beach. It’s a busy beachside suburb, just a few kilometers from the heart of Sydney and home to a cosmopolitan community. The beautiful half-moon shaped bay is bordered by parks and a golf course, and the main street is a collection of shops, restaurants and cool bars. It is a place people go to see and to be seen.


The show has struck a chord with international markets; with sales including the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Brazil and the Ukraine. In the US the series in known as Dr. Chris Pet Vet.

In Australia the series secured a prime time spot on Network Ten. Visit their web site for bonus videos, forums, and much more.