The littlest cowboy’s biggest adventures.

This unique factual entertainment series follows the incredible adventures of 6-year old Milton Jones Jnr.   He’s the littlest cowboy who lives on one of the world’s biggest cattle ranches in the world: Coolibah Station in the middle of the Australian Outback.  Little Milton lives a life that the biggest kids could only dream of…until now.  Each episode follows the work of the cowboys, chopper pilots, crocodile catchers and farm hands who keep Coolibah Station active and profitable.  And we see how one little boy fits into this grown-up world of diesel, dust and dangerous animals.
Coolibah is a magical land full of crocodiles, kangaroos, snakes, buffalos and an array of birdlife that most kids only see in movies or picture books.
Believe it or not, Little Milton counts all these critters among his friends and he knows more about the environment he lives in than most adults.
Each day is a new adventure for Little Milton: fishing, croc egg-collecting, horse-riding, cattle branding, crocodile catching and truck driving are all a part of his bush education.  He learns from his father and mother, as well as the other grown-ups like Uncle Hamish and Rodeo Star Raine who live and work at Coolibah Station.
Shot in stunning High Definition, the main action takes place in one of the most spectacular wildlife rich environments in the world.   The Coolibah Kid also rich in information, with educational pop-ups giving the 6-12 year old viewers factoids about the world we all live in.  This is a series that the whole family will enjoy and learn from.