The pioneering documentary series about dictators’ wives.

Despot Housewives is a series of eight chilling documentaries that tell the story of the intermingled destinies of autocrats’ and bloodstained despots’ wives.

Many films have delved into the stories of dictatorial regimes from around the world, but only a few depict the role played by their spouses.

From infamous big spenders like Imelda Marcos and Bobby Mobutu, to ‘the illusionists’ like Asma al-Assad and Eva Peron, this series encompasses the women behind the men behind the juntas.

This unique approach to the subject matter has allowed Despot Housewives to shine light on the unknown historical realities of our contemporary world. For the first time, many of the tyrants’ ‘supportive others’ have agreed to participate in a documentary series, revealing their new lives and highlighting their roles and responsibilities.

Using the first ladies in the Arabic revolutions as a counterpoint, this original documentary series took five years to produce.