Prepare for mayhem, heart and humour.

Based at a bustling veterinary clinic on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Doctor Arvid and his team of veterinarians, nurses and technicians tackle a wide variety of cases. From high-pressure emergencies to complicated surgeries and everything in between. Dr. Arvid’s a passionate advocate for wildlife, avid supporter of animal rescue groups and adored husband and father – there’s not much our super pet vet can’t do!

Dr. Arvid’s passion for all things furry started as a young boy on his great grandmother’s Mississippi farm, where he took care of the horses, cows and chickens. It’s no surprise Dr. Arvid is now a much-loved and highly respected veterinarian, capable of taking on everything from the tiniest creatures to the biggest cases.

Throughout the series, Dr. Arvid demonstrates how best to look after pets, and shows first-hand the huge amount of love and devotion they give in return.

To assist Dr. Arvid on his quest is mobile veterinarian Dr. Eric Mueller. A talented animal lover who goes into people’s home or work place to treat their much loved pets. Dr. Eric realised not all animals can make it into a clinic because they’re too sick or just don’t like going to the doctor, which inspired his mobile veterinary clinic.

Then there’s Eric ‘Dutch’ Van de Steeg, the uber-talented handyman. Self-taught as a young boy making his own fishing lures and furniture, Dutch is passionate about pets having a safe and secure environment to live in. Whether it’s a new puppy pen, chicken coop or mobility ramp for an elderly dog, our handyman’s genius will create something special.