Experience the raw moments captured by video journalists and hear the stories behind the headlines from those first on scene.

From the unbelievably bizarre to heartbreaking disasters that require the bravest of responses, this is an insight into their most thrilling moments.

Witness the unbelievable acts caught on camera from America’s bravest news cameramen as they document Los Angeles’ unexpected real-life emergencies, jaw dropping accidents, and outrageous moments of life after dark.

We ride shotgun for the stories of the night, the daytime meltdowns, the highway disasters, the animal rescues, and the races against time.

Each half-hour episode features eight thrilling news clips – car pursuits, hit & runs, head-on collisions, out-of-control flooding, animals on the loose, massive blazes, urban shootings, highspeed freeway occurrences, backyard infernos, plane crashes, wild weather.

Each clip is retold and dissected through master interviews with our cast of returning on-scene experts – camera journalists, ex Los Angeles police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and crime reporters. This expert commentary unpacks each story, giving play-by-play storytelling as if what we are watching is happening in real time.

These are the true tales of when everyday citizens cross fate’s wrong path and get turned into the nightly news that leads.