A simple meal has never been this lethal!

Meet our professional tasting daredevils – Hayden Quinn, traditional chef, and Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, an adventure enthusiast. They’ve never met a taste they couldn’t tackle. For this intrepid duo, feeding their inquisitive taste buds is not just an obsession; it’s a full-time, full-throttle lifestyle.

Bored with ordinary Australian fare and life’s mundane challenges, our bold hosts hike, sky dive and winch themselves into the most exotic, far-reaching Australian locations. Watch as they tackle their insane mission of tracking and finding the most deadly and extraordinary animals and insects. The goal: turn the legendary and life-threatening creature into a delicious gastronomic feast.

Both hosts have their charms. Hayden is a ‘fish-out-of-water’ in the harsh Australian terrain and prefers the surf to the outback. Steve is experienced, savvy and slightly mental; extreme eating is just another way of saying ‘breakfast’.

During their adventures, the duo create a great new Australian menu – filled with unapologetic flair and brashness. Part adrenaline travelogue, part gastronomic thrill-seeking rock ballad. It’s Man vs Wild for extreme foodies. Strap on your food bag and sharpen your machete, welcome to Food To Die For!