Nine hot young singles from three different countries will live together on a remote island for one month. They’re all looking for love, but will be tempted through a series of games and challenges with cold hard cash. Will they be loyal to king and country, will they follow their hearts, or will they ultimately betray everything for a fast buck?

A tantalising blend of Big Brother, Love Island and Survivor, Foreign Affairs tests the boundaries of patriotism, love and greed.

The magic of the format is in the casting. Three groups of three contestants from three different countries. Like something out of a James Bond film, love, drama and international espionage will form the centrepiece of this TV soap opera.

And just like a spy thriller, contestants will be cast based on looks and intellect. Foreign Affairs is the thinking person’s dating experiment!

Foreign Affairs is a truly international and dynamic format that is repeatable year on year, simply by changing the passports of the cast.