The Courtroom just got glamorous.

Enter the courtroom where reality and justice collide, presided over by the glamorous star of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, criminal court barrister Gina Liano.

Everyday people with everyday civil claims will enter the courtroom for a serve of justice, the Gina way – a gavel in one hand and compact mirror in the other.

The cases may seem trivial but when Gina questions, the real personalities are revealed. These cases get personal, making Judge Gina addictive viewing.

While Gina’s quick wit and sharp tongue will exude an aura of authority, her softer side will always emerge. Viewers may not always agree with Gina’s ruling, but they will certainly accept her authority.

Gina keeps the litigants and viewers guessing because all are equal before the law – and an impartial judge never reveals her position until the very end.

This is Judge Gina, Australia’s first reality court show serving up justice, Gina style.

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