The newest trend in beauty sure is mouthy!

12 makeup artists compete “mouth to mouth” in an elimination competition where they’ll create the most visually stunning displays of art… on people’s lips! Each episode will feature a different theme that the artists will interpret in their own unique way, incorporating personal styles, stories and flair to wow the judges and remain in the competition. The winner will garner worldwide fame and a cash prize! Lip Art is currently taking Instagram by storm with multiple influencers quickly amassing thousands of followers, copycat tributes and celebrity admirers every day.

A celebrity host will guide us through this buzz-worthy competition, judged by a panel of experts, including the Queen of Lip Art herself – MISS JAZMINA – offering viewers an extraordinary look at the immense detail, precision and focus that goes into these unbelievable works of art, and dares to give new meaning to the term “LIP SERVICE.”