In Shopping For Love two hopeful, single guys have only five minutes each to rummage through a single girl’s home. They must learn as much as possible about the girl… her favourite music, fashions and hobbies.

The competition heats up when the guys have just 20 minutes to shop for the perfect gifts and win the girl’s heart. Later in the show, the tables are turned when two girls go shopping for the man of their dreams.

Thousands of eager contestants jumped at the chance to participate in this fun-filled take on the TV dating game genre.


WTFN conceived this new program format; producing, shooting and editing 2 seasons of 10 half-hour episodes. These premiered across Australia on the Nine Network in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and were a sizzling success.

The series screens internationally, and has been sold as a format for other markets to make local editions. WTFN supplies the complete package of graphics, music and production notes.