Sudden Impact is an emotive and dramatic reality series offering an insight into what happens to people involved in road trauma. This is not a series about car crashes but about the people affected by the crash and how this ‘sudden impact’ changes their lives.

Produced using a mix of reality and documentary storytelling styles, we put viewers in the shoes of those involved; not just the victims and their families, but also witnesses, emergency workers and medical staff.

Real people and real stories – as they unfold. The show features a blend of observational filming, the staging of compelling re-enactments and documentary evidence. On call 24 hours a day, our camera crews capture the raw emotions and dramatic events which change the participants’ lives forever.


Inspirational stories include:

  • Surviving a head-on collision with a horse
  • Helping others learn from mistakes of the past
  • A teenage girl’s quest to walk again

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