Renovation king, Barry Du Bois, is on the hunt for DIY disasters, and might be just the person to help you! Barry finds the most hopeless of homeowners and convinces them to take him home for a lesson in how to become a DIY dynamo! As real people with dubious DIY skills roam aimlessly through the aisles of their local hardware store, it’s up to Baz to convince them to Take Home Barry.

Helping out is Barry’s right hand man and master chippie, Dylan. Together, they identify three easy DIY jobs at the home that its owners are putting off or aren’t confident enough to tackle. In true DIY spirit, Barry and Dylan pass on all their knowledge in a bid to train up their protégés so that they can complete the tasks themselves.

At the end of a busy day, Baz returns to see our homeowner’s handywork. Cue the ‘before and afters’ … it’s time for the big reveal! Has
it passed Barry’s inspection? And was Baz the best thing they picked up at the hardware store?