WTFN’s Talk to the Animals combines emotion and strong storytelling to reveal the wonderful bonds between humans and animals. Around the world, people devote their lives to caring for animals, while others rely on them for their daily needs. And anyone who has a pet knows they’re a vital member of the family.

The Talk to the Animals presenting team includes Dr Katrina Warren as well as reporters Sallianne Deckert and Des Dowling.

Dr Katrina Warren imparts invaluable advice on looking after pet and Tim Faulkner tackles some of Australia’s dangerous wildlife. Each show features a range of quirky, cuddly and inspiring stories, from swimming with dolphins to dogs on a diet. There’s also viewer Four Legged Stars photo awards.


In 2006 the first season of 26 half-hour episodes premiered across Australia on the Nine Network. From 2007 to 2010 four more seasons have been produced in High Definition. Several one hour prime time specials have also been a hit with audiences, garnering strong viewer ratings.

Discovery’s Animal Planet network screens the program in Canada, whilst other broadcast countries include Thailand, South Korea, the UK, Belgium, Russia and the US. High Definition seasons will be available for international markets in the near future.