Everyday people, inspiring true stories.

Getting inked was once marginal – now it’s an exploding social phenomenon. Yet tattoos are expensive, painful, and polarising.

Tattoo Tales explores the issues by conducting a social experiment within a busy tattoo studio on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach tourist strip. Twelve fixed rig cameras record the day-to-day antics and artistry inside the studio and capture the stories behind each tattoo.

This revealing factual series offers unique, entertaining and often poignant insights into contemporary society. Topics range from grief, violence, and weight-loss to cultural clashes, immigration and same-sex marriage. All with an intriguing mix of heart and humour.

The featured artists and clients encompass

15 nationalities. The studio truly is a melting pot of cultures: Russian, Indian, Lebanese, Chinese, Canadian, British, New Zealander, Chilean, Iraqi, Filipino, Tongan, Samoan, Swedish, Irish and Australian.