Murder. Lying. They go hand in hand.

Steve van Aperen is known as ‘The Human Lie Detector’. He has spent 30 years working for various Australian police departments, including the Homicide Squad, Major Crime Squad, Federal Police and trained with the FBI, LAPD and the US Secret Service. His unique ability to read behaviour and detect deception has helped police in countless crimes, murders and investigations.

In what’s best been described as a skill only comparable to ‘Superman’s x-ray vision’, Steve’s fascination with why people deceive has troubled him throughout his life, and he wants to ensure his ‘superhero’ ability can be used for good by others.

Now, for the first time on television, Steve’s ability to see through people – killers, psychopaths, master liars – and his detective ledger of tricks and secrets, will be passed on.

Stepping into line with the new wave of disruptive detective thrillers, such as True Detective, Making A Murderer and The Jinx, The Lie Detective features innovative, transfixing storytelling married with sleek production qualities.

Each one-hour episode, Steve will shed new light on a murder theme and unpack the investigations of two separate cases. Steve’s clinical, relentless ethic will extend the investigation further than ever before.

Finally, we get an insight into what makes these villains think, plot and deceive.