2 February, 2018

WTFN delivers Australian TV first with Paramedics

Australian viewers will be given a rare insight into the extraordinary world of Victoria’s brave paramedics in a ground breaking new television series produced by WTFN.

Offering a point of view on a scale not produced before in Australia, Paramedics will capture through rigged cameras, the real life events of these unsung heroes saving lives.

The program will follow road ambulances, helicopters, MICAs and motorcycles, and take viewers on an incredible ride through the highs, lows, heart and humour of this demanding profession.

WTFN’s Director of Content and Executive Producer of Paramedics, Steve Oemcke, said pre-production was well underway, with filming expected to start in March.

Featuring ten 60-minute episodes, the series is expected to air primetime on the Nine Network later this year.

“We are very excited to be working with Ambulance Victoria in delivering this Australian television first using a rigged camera format to give viewers unparalleled access to how paramedics care for the community,’’ Mr Oemcke said.

“Paramedics are such highly trusted and respected members of society and the chance to get this close as they go about their jobs of saving lives is a real privilege.

“Using a rigged setup allows us to capture unscripted, unproduced and uncensored drama in a way traditional camera teams never could.

“We are very grateful that Ambulance Victoria trusts our production team enough to allow this level of unprecedented access,’’ he said.

WTFN previously used rigged camera technology in its popular Tattoo Tales series aired on the ABC, which showcased the antics and artistry inside a busy Bondi Beach tattoo studio.

“What is exciting from a content point of view is that WTFN is leading the way in how these kind of stories can be told,’’ Mr Oemcke said.

Paramedics is certain to make compelling viewing. TV has never been more real,’’ he said.

Paramedics will also be available for international distribution through Fred Media.