Bondi Vet reaches 750,000 digital subscribers

Hit series Bondi Vet has hit another digital milestone by surpassing 750,000 followers across its digital channels.

The figure was passed as the show’s Facebook page amassed half a million followers to become Australia’s most prominent pet and animal content channel.

WTFN BE General Manager Derek Dyson said. “The Bondi Vet digital network goes from strength to strength with over 30 million views every month.

“Fans come from around Australia and the world to access Bondi Vet content from a range of cast, as well as catch up with their favourite episodes of the series,” he added.

The news comes as Bondi Vet is set to launch for a tenth series on Nine with a number of premium brands partnering with the series.

Derek added, “We’re delighted the likes of Blackmore’s and Hill’s are supporting the series. They have seen the benefit of aligning with Australia’s favourite pet series and the army of highly engaged fans that brings.