About WTFN Group

WTFN is a New Media company at the forefront of original content creation, production and distribution. Its mission is to “Create and Commercialise Content”.

The Group’s business divisions include premium content producer WTFN Entertainment, global distributor FRED Media, and digital multi-channel network Radar MCN.

Founded in 2003 by producers Daryl Talbot and Steve Oemcke, WTFN has a reputation for producing high-quality returnable series for commercial broadcasters and has won multiple awards. Titles such as Bondi Vet, The Living Room, Paramedics and Space Invaders have been hits in Australia and distributed globally by Fred Media which is now Australia’s number one independent distribution business with 2000 hours of content in its catalogue.

WTFN’s extensive library has been key to the creation of Radar MCN: a multi-channel network across digital, social and FAST platforms with more than five million subscribers and more than 100 million minutes viewed per month. WTFN also runs a boutique management company, Empire Talent, and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London.

Broadcasters & Brands

WTFN Group works with some of the biggest networks and brands in the world.