McDonald’s Gets Grilled is a groundbreaking television documentary which targets one of the world’s most famous, but equally controversial companies.

But not only has McDonald’s Australia taken the unprecedented step of agreeing to participate, it has also allowed independent production company, WTFN, unfettered access to all areas.

Cameras followed six average Australians during an intensive seven days of amateur investigating. They were up at dawn seeing first-hand how lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes destined for McDonald’s are grown. Farmers faced probing questions about pesticides and food miles.

At the lettuce processing plant chlorine proved to be an issue, and at the dairy plant, sugar in the shakes. The teams inspected beef and poultry farms where hormones in stock feeds were the main concerns. They saw beef being made into burgers, and chicken meat into nuggets, and demanded to know about preservatives and phosphates.

At the McDonald’s stores the teams saw the finished products being assembled with the company’s trademark military precision. There they wanted to know about staff exploitation, cleanliness, food holding periods, and for the biggest skeptics among them, how the food tastes.

Ultimately as we all follow this intriguing journey it will be more than a program about fast food and McDonalds. It’s a social experiment that tests whether people, faced with overwhelming evidence challenging their long-held prejudices, can ever accept the truth.

Emergency veterinarian Dr. Lisa Chimes matches orphaned and abandoned animals with loving families.

Dr. Lisa says, “I’ve devoted my life to saving animals’ lives. Now I’m venturing out of the surgery to raise awareness about animal welfare. It breaks my heart to see the plight of animals from back yard breeders. So my mission is to encourage new owners to adopt rescue animals from shelters and foster homes instead.”

Also known as Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa on The CW Network in the U.S.

On average, people spend a third of their lives at work. Yet many are unhappy with the job they’re in.

In this series, psychologist Sabina Read is on a mission to take brave volunteers on a life changing journey, where each must step out of their comfort zone and road test their dream job.

You’ll meet a senior executive who wants to throw it all in for a job in doggy daycare, a devoted single mother with three sons who dreams of being a patisserie chef and a sales manager who wants to make a difference as a nurse.

Sixteen candidates of all ages and from all walks of life embark on an emotional journey, as they confront their own fears and search for genuine fulfilment.

Dream Job is produced by WTFN, is inspired by an original Clemenger BBDO campaign and supported under commercial arrangement by SEEK. In Australia, the series airs on the Nine Network and available for international distribution through Fred Media.

Presented by actor and wine maker Sam Neill, this one-hour documentary recounts the early history of wine-making in Australia and how the industry took the world by storm in a relatively short time.

Featuring interviews with notable wine writers, critics, reviewers, collectors, investors and winemakers from around the globe, the program unravels the secrets behind the success story that has transformed a maligned industry into Australia becoming the fifth-largest wine exporting nation on earth.

The program dissects the culture of innovation, experimentation and derring-do that underpins the Australian wine industry as well as the clever, often left-of-centre, marketing bravado that eventually turned around international attitudes towards wines produced in the Antipodes.

As Sam Neill probes this unlikely reversal of fortunes we gain an insight into the Australian character and find out how, after working hard to become a modern-day market leader in an ancient industry, Australian winemakers are planning even greater overseas conquests.

Viewers will gain an insight into the fascinating story of Australia’s most famous wine, Penfolds Grange, which survived a turbulent birth to become one of the great wines of the world.

Fresh travel series Just Go is all about affordable and accessible travel that’s within reach for everyday Aussies.

Hosts Rhys Uhlich and Lee Chan will hit the road and uncover adventures you never realised were right under your nose, from trendy country towns, to the best new activities, iconic attractions and the hottest places to eat.

Whether you’re keen to load up the car, pack a suitcase or play tourist in your own city, it’s time to get out there and Just Go.

This series follows the struggles and triumphs of a dedicated law-enforcement team policing the largest – and one of the busiest – natural harbours on the planet.

Home to the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney Harbour is one of the most iconic waterways on the planet. Spanning 55 square kilometres, with 240 kilometres of shoreline, it houses myriad fascinating features. National parks, breath-taking private residences, a fortified island, a zoo and the official residence of Australia’s Prime Minister, all call this beautiful precinct home.

The living and breathing waterway buzzes with activity year-round, with harbour ferries, cruise ships, party boats, cruising yachts and tall ships all relying on it each and every day.

Hosted by Anh Do and Chrissie Swan, Long Lost Family is an uplifting factual series that reunites mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters and brothers after years of separation.

Moving and real, Long Lost Family takes viewers through the complex, emotional and often painful process of reuniting people who have been lost to each other, sometimes for decades. This extraordinary series is based on the highly successful, award-winning UK format and is produced by WTFN.

Wrestling a saltwater crocodile, wrangling a deadly king brown or milking a funnel-web spider to make anti-venom. It’s all in a morning’s work for wildlife expert Tim Faulkner.

Then there’s the giant Galapagos tortoise to weigh, the baby wombat to feed, the flying fox to rescue and a new species of native bird to discover. That still leaves time in this passionate conservationist’s day to release a blue-tongued lizard, tag a wild platypus and save the Tasmanian devil from extinction.

Tim criss-crosses Australia walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs, milking sea snakes, counting crocs, witnessing turtles nesting, checking up on threatened species and accompanying humpback whales  as they migrate south with their calves.

Former rock’n’roll drummer and raconteur Geoff ‘Coxy’ Cox presents fun-filled adventures from stunning destinations across the globe.

Coxy and his team of intrepid reporters immerse themselves in new experiences and cultures wherever they go. Viewers are impressed by Coxy’s willingness to try anything and his good humour when things don’t always go to plan.

The most popular segment in the local edition of the show is Coxy’s Mates Rates. Fantastic holiday offers are quickly snapped up every week by eager viewers. Tourism areas and hotels gain an enormous influx of bookings after being featured on the program.

Regular competition spots also generate massive interest when free caravans or holidays are up for grabs.

Throughout more than 300 episodes Coxy’s Big Break has criss-crossed every corner of Australia; from the magnificent Great Ocean Road in the south to spectacular rainforests of far-north Queensland.

Overseas odysseys include New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Vanuatu, The Cook Islands, New Caledonia, China, Vietnam, Austria, Ireland and Antarctica.

Combining her passions for food and travel, TV presenter and reality TV star, Lee Chan, is eating her way around the world.

With her taste buds leading the way, Lee travels to every corner of globe cooking up local favourites, modern delicacies and whacky desserts.

From the markets of Asia, to the wilds of Africa, Lee’s energetic zest for life will see her feasting on a menu of culture and cuisine.