This series breaks down the hours, minutes and seconds of the biggest and most tragic news events to ever impact Australians.

People from all walks of life, forever joined by a single dreadful event.

The program breaks down in forensic detail exactly how these people came to cross paths at that particular catastrophic moment in time.

Some became survivors, some became victims, many were traumatised and others were accidental heroes.

So how did they all end up in harm’s way? It was a combination of many sliding door moments and fateful decisions that set them on a tragic path.

Through meticulous research and in-depth interviews, we piece together the events of that fateful day.

As always, many of the true heroes were the first responders.

The trained emergency services personnel including police, paramedics and firefighters.

For the most part their stories have never been told…until now.

First broadcast 24 November 2021.

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15 x 60 Minutes, 1 x 90 Minutes


2021 - 2023




Seven Network