Jade Hameister is an unassuming Australian teenager on a bold quest to become the youngest person in history to conquer the world’s three largest ice caps.

Battling bitter cold, tears, exhaustion, self-doubt and life-threatening dangers she sets out to ski to the north and south poles and across Greenland, hoping to inspire other young girls to follow their dreams.

During her ambitious three-year mission Jade develops a deep love for the fragile polar environments threatened by climate change, and an intense desire to convince her generation of the urgent need to tackle global warming.

Accompanied by her Mount-Everest-conquering father and mentored by one of the world’s most experienced polar guides, Jade discovers the true value of life through her suffering and triumphs in this remarkable coming-of-age story.

First broadcast 14 October 2018.

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1 x 90 minutes






National Geographic