Michael Brady, Founder & Host, Oceanliner Designs

Oceanliner Designs

Oceanliner Designs is one of YouTube’s fastest growing history channels.

Radar MCN partnered with founder and host Michael Brady in 2022 with the goal of rapidly growing audiences and revenues on the YouTube channel.

The channel has now reached over 100,000 subscribers, reaching Silver Play Button status on YouTube, and has seen revenues increase exponentially.

Plans are now in place to expand the reach of Oceanliner Designs on other social platforms including Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok.

Radar MCN General Manager Derek Dyson said, “The partnership with Oceanliner Designs was a no brainer for us. It had huge potential when we started and Michael had already done a great job building the brand. The main blocker for grow was simply the volume of content that one person could create, so with extra resources in place, we’ve achieved exceptional growth”.

Michael Brady said: “The project has come such a long way since I started it as a hobby in lockdown. With the support of Radar MCN we’ve managed to increase output and they’ve managed to bring a lot of detailed strategy into the mix as well. It’s been a brilliant partnership for Oceanliner Designs.”

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