Has our weather gone crazy and if so, is climate change to blame?

In this facinating documentary farmers, meteorologists, global warming advocates and sceptics discuss climatic changes and consider the possible consequences.

We look at how droughts, fires, floods and hailstorms are impacting the world in recent years… and ask what could be next.

The program features dramatic footage of tsunamis, tornadoes and cyclones. It follows dedicated storm chasers, as they hunt for their next fix of adrenalin-filled close calls with extreme weather.

In Australia the state of Victoria has one of the most destructive and volatile weather systems on the planet. Channel Seven News weather guru David Brown puts the possible causes under the microscope.

“We have four seasons in one day, Melbourne is renowned for that,” says Brown. “Our weather is so erratic. We get the extremes – bushfires, floods, drought, severe storms and blizzards.”

This one hour special aired in primetime on Australia’s Seven Network. The program was extensively researched over 3 years, producing a revealing investigation into the effects of climate change on our planet.

First broadcast 10 May 2010.

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