Everyday families are trapped in a clutter nightmare they’re desperate to escape.

Decluttering guru and acclaimed author Peter Walsh tackles the physical and emotional baggage that has overtaken homes and strained relationships. Peter empowers families to ‘let go’ and live the life they deserve, clutter free.

Renovation queen and property expert, Cherie Barber takes on the most ambitious renovations to date, creating spectacular spaces that leave the homeowners gobsmacked.

Joining the team from season 3 is avid collector of stuff Angie Kent, who uncovers each family’s treasured possessions, discovering the stories behind them and bringing them back to life.

The Space Invaders unite to help those in need lighten their homes and their hearts, turning rooms full of jumbled mess into beautiful, relaxing spaces and give tips and tricks to declutter and improve everyone’s lives.

First broadcast 27 February 2021.

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