From the search for the Great Southern Land, through the Colonial trials and tribulations, to the establishment of a dynamic modern Australia, Sir Tony Robinson (Time Team, The Worst Jobs in History, Blitz Street) uncovers the key events and major influences that define Australia today.

Tony retraces the steps of the earliest explorers, delves into the harrowing stories of the early days of white settlement, finds out how the indigenous Australians responded to their invaders, looks at the turning points in Australia’s development, and explores the influence of multiculturalism.

Tony is joined on his journey through time by some of Australia’s foremost historians and writers; including Tim Flannery, Thomas Keneally, Eric Wilmott, and Geoffrey Blainey.

The series originally premiered as Tony Robinson Explores Australia on History Channel Australia in 2011, followed by History Channel UK and Canada.

First broadcast 3 May 2011.

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6 x 60 Minutes






History Channel & SBS