In this fascinating series Sir Tony Robinson journeys through time to uncover amazing, dramatic and bizarre stories from the past. His travels take him from ancient Rome and colonial Australia, to Victorian era London, early-settler New Zealand and beyond.

Each episode explores a compelling theme: from daring escapes, state secrets and ingenious inventions, to battling oppression, epic disasters and incredible twists of fate. Tony reveals the pivotal turning points in history that changed the destiny of empires and transformed our world.

Gripping accounts of assassination attempts, society scandals and pioneering endeavours provide intriguing insights into yesteryear. From the untold Australian mutiny suppressed by an American president, to the discovery of a Dutch shipwreck that triggered a hideous crime, and the unmasking of a phantom covering a city with an enigmatic word. Learn why a gold rush ignited democracy, what daft disguise was used to escape from a high-security prison, and how defiant female convicts challenged the penal system and won.

Tony digs deeper, roams farther and traverses the ages, revealing the catalysts and motivations behind history-changing events. He revisits age-old stories, with a fresh perspective that features untold tales, new and expanded interviews, and unseen archive.

With its unique combination of engaging subjects and dynamic storytelling, Tony Robinson’s Time Travels takes audiences on a highly entertaining voyage that’s full of unexpected twists and turns.

First broadcast 28 September 2015.

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History Channel