Discovery green lights Harbour Force

WTFN, one of Australia’s leading independent production companies, announces that it has gone into production on Sydney Harbour Force, as a result of being jointly commissioned by Discovery UK and Discovery Australia and New Zealand. The new series is expected to deliver in early Q3 2021.

This new, ten-hour observational documentary series will follow the struggles and triumphs of the dedicated team of men and women who control every aspect of Sydney Harbour, one of the largest and busiest natural harbours on the planet. Home to iconic buildings such as Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and a striking 317km shoreline that takes in national parks, multi-million dollar homes, a naval base and of course one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. This living, breathing waterway buzzes with activity. We’ll also follow the various enforcement agencies including Maritime, Fisheries, Marine Rescue and the NSW Water Police, all keeping this vast area safe and sound for residents and its millions of annual visitors. The series also follows some extraordinary construction projects happening at the waters edge and extraordinary access to some of the cities most iconic buildings. We go behind the scenes with the NSW Port Authority who also help manage this busy harbour and this series includes Port Botany, one of the busiest container ports in the country. Amazing visuals, extraordinary access, lively characters and edge of your seat storytelling, Sydney Harbour Force is being produced with the support of Screen NSW and is expected to deliver in Q3 2021.

Daryl Talbot, WTFN’s CEO has been the driving force behind the new series. He comments: “Nothing embodies Australia more than Sydney Harbour, so we are glad to go into production on Sydney Harbour Force, showcasing not just its man-made and natural wonders, but also the wide range of people who have the mammoth task of policing and protecting this World Heritage Site. Getting this series up and running has been a real passion project for me”.