Radar MCN launches Total Distribution; Kate Llewellyn-Jones joins the team

Radar MCN is now spearheading a new Total Distribution strategy for the wider WTFN Group six months on from launch, having achieved remarkable results through its growing network of owned and managed channels, as well as a series of global FAST channels.

Under general manager Derek Dyson, this new strategy means that Radar MCN will work ever more closely with Group businesses – WTFN Entertainment (production), Fred Media (TV distribution) and Empire Talent (talent management) – to ensure that every right for any type of content is maximised across every available platform, leaving no value languishing on the shelf.

Bondi Vet is a prime example of Total Distribution thinking: having started as a TV series watched at home and then internationally, it is now a content universe that includes four million subscribers across the likes of YouTube and Instagram, in addition to branded AVOD and FAST channels managed by Radar and core content on Blue Ant’s recently launched and rapidly expanding FAST channel network, Love Pets.

Dyson said: “Radar MCN is the engine driving Total Distribution within the WTFN Group, working end to end with the other business units to ensure every piece of content we represent works across the best mix of platforms – for maximum returns. The fact that we’ve grown out of a creative business makes us unique in this world.
“We have creativity in our DNA and understand what makes great content. When you combine this with our knowledge of digital opportunities and audiences – and our track record in revenue generation – it explains why content owners are increasingly turning to us for help.”

Radar MCN will also be looking to offer Total Distribution solutions to an expanded third-party client base and is delighted to begin driving this forward with a new partnership with ReDriven.

Kate Llewellyn-Jones joins Radar MCN

WTFN ‘s Radar MCN has also announced it has recruited former Beyond Rights CEO Kate Llewellyn-Jones to help drive the Total Distribution strategy in a newly created role – Content Partnerships Lead.

Joining as a consultant, and based with the Radar team in London, Llewellyn-Jones will be looking to work with a range of production companies, content creators and other rights owners to help ensure their untapped rights can be successfully monetised.

Having worked in several senior distribution roles, Llewellyn-Jones brings with her an enviable understanding of rights management and exploitation, as well as a global network of contacts – and will be instrumental in growing Radar’s international client base.

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