Mike Brady

Mike Brady is a history researcher, illustrator and presenter from Melbourne.

His fascination with the Titanic started at an early age and he began to research the way classic ships were built and operated. After completing a degree in Industrial Design, Mike started his own business in 2018 completing large technical illustrations of famous passenger ships from history. The illustrations take hundreds of hours each to complete and are regarded as some of the finest available works of their kind. Mike’s Titanic illustration alone includes over 250,000 individual rivets drawn along the ship’s hull and is 2 meters long. Today Mike’s illustrations can be found in private collections and institutions around the world.

In 2020 Mike founded the YouTube channel ‘Oceanliner Designs’ and quickly developed it into one of the fastest-growing channels in its field, investigating history’s most famous ships and wrecks and educating hundreds of thousands of viewers on history. Since then, Mike’s videos have gained almost 40 million views and he has developed a dedicated following of enthusiasts and viewers new to the subject alike. 

Mike is passionate about bringing history to life in an entertaining way, making it accessible to the average person by using captivating animations and easily-understood graphics.