A true-life story of hope, courage and survival.

This is the incredible true story of conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna and one woman’s crusade to save the children’s lives.

Shortly after birth the baby girls were surrendered to a Bangladeshi orphanage. They were joined at the back of the head and shared blood vessels between their brains. Without help they would not survive.

The desperately ill girls were found by an aid worker and rushed to Australia by the Children First Foundation. The twins were stabilised at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital before the decision was made to attempt the separation.

With exclusive access, WTFN’s cameras have followed every step of this extraordinary human and medical drama. We see Trishna and Krishna’s individual personalities emerge as outgoing, energetic and playful little girls. Heart-warming scenes of birthday celebrations and developmental milestones balance the exhaustive cycle of surgery and recovery.