A little dog with a big heart . . . and a girl’s giant imagination.

Get ready for Larry the Wonderpup, one super cute pooch who will win kids’ hearts with his irresistible tales and fantastic antics.

Rescued from the streets, little Larry is ‘living large’ with his new family. Every day, Larry and his eight-year-old owner Sasha embark on adventures exploring the wonders of the real world and the realms of make-believe.

With the use of ‘dog-cam’ we see life from Larry’s point of view, filled with excitement and curiosity. This in turn sees Sasha’s creativity take over, as the story transitions from live action to animation. In Sasha’s imagination, Larry can soar like a superhero, become a spy or battle aliens.

The mixture of live action and 2D animation in this charming show encourages everyone to face their challenges. After all, even if you’re small, you can still reach for the stars.

2 October 2018.

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38 x 30 minutes






Seven Network