Radar MCN revs up for ReDriven partnership

Radar MCN has expanded its third-party client base with a new partnership with ReDriven.

ReDriven is the fast-growing used car channel created by host Adam Morris and Sam Rawlings and is currently closing in on 150k subscribers on YouTube, where it is the third most viewed Australian car channel. The partnership, which will be Radar MCN’s first move in the auto video content market, sees the team taking over daily management of existing channels, as well as launching new channels, with a mission to turbo charge views, engagement and revenue.

Dyson continued: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the guys at ReDriven. We know more than 50% of car buyers use YouTube to research purchases, and the way the economy is right now, there couldn’t be a greater need for quality used car content.

“We’re certain that by providing additional resources and expertise around optimising and commercialising channels, that we can build on the fantastic job the guys have done in making it one of Australia’s most influential auto channels.”

Rawlings from ReDriven added: “We are thrilled to be working with Derek and the team. While we trust our own abilities to make content that people enjoy watching, we’re complete novices when it comes to leveraging that content in the best way to reach the biggest possible audience and maximise every available commercial opportunity.

“We’re excited for Radar MCN to now flex its muscles around our offer, especially with our plans to scale the broader ReDriven enterprise. Having seen what Radar has quickly achieved for other brands we are very excited for the future.”

See more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVnLfmYPxEGHO7BRXSxSJ_w : Radar MCN revs up for ReDriven partnership